A Tailor-Made Service

Based in Istanbul, AYNIYA offers a range of services with premium reliable quality, agile designing, production, and delivery timeline of a High- end Ready-to-wear collections; from Pattern-making, product development, fabric, and supplies sourcing, production from 1 to 50,000 pieces (woven, flou, cut and sewn knitting) quality control, logistics to the delivery to your warehouse.

If you are looking for a way to produce your collections in a trustful environment, or if you need to be accompanied in the development of your first collection, AYNIYA is made for YOU!

Our Expertise

For each of our clients, we adjust our services to fulfill the required demands and select the best crafter-ship to answer requirements in the most effective way. Our expertise covers all steps in a collection development (design, pattern, making, prototyping, fabric, supplies sourcing, production, quality control, and logistics …).

Our Team

Our office team is composed of Pattern-makers and Project managers available to assist you in the creation and development of your collections, with experienced professionals in the textile and clothing sector; we customize our services to match the essence of your requirements, manufacturing location, and timelines. We ensure the quality required for all pieces produced by our factory.